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 Hoisting & Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting equipment should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure, Ensure that they are fit for use in their intended purpose reducing risk to personnel and company assets, therefore preventing possible downtime whilst creating a safer worksite for all personnel involved.

Many cases of lifting equipment failures have been catastrophic and are well documented by every major international and governing body in this field. This has resulted in mandatory periodic lifting equipment inspections being implemented and carried out on MODU’s & onshore installations/units throughout the globe.

Our dedicated & qualified inspection team is highly experienced and you can be assured that your lifting equipment survey will be executed safely and professionally.

Our inspection teams have decades of experience and are very competent in this field. This is supported the wide range of relevant qualifications that are currently held and recognised internationally.


We take part in an on-going training programme with LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), with a number of diplomas currently held in all available disciplines. We also have API accredited crane inspectors and our company is a full member of LEEA, and we also utilize internationally external training facilities.

We would be happy to provide technical assistance for any & all queries you may encounter, whilst conducting your own various operations.

We aim to give a level of satisfaction and peace of mind that is second to none.




Please see below for a screen shot from our newly developed & cutting edge online reporting database system!




We strive to meet and exceed our clients expectations, therefore our reporting package and product can be tailored suit our client’s individual requirements.



We currently issue hard copies of the report package, Our online real time database is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week which allows our clients to access & carry out any corrective actions that are required on an on-going basis. Levels of access to this online database can be tailored to suit our client’s requirements.



Our reporting package has been put together over the years with the help of extensive feedback & valued suggestions from our clients, allowing us to continuously evolve the product in line with their own requirements.  This is a live system and is always continually being up dated to keep in line with industry trends.






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