Wire Rope Inspection

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Magnetic Wire Rope Inspection

Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. is pleased to offer a newly developed technology that enables us to examine the internal condition of wire ropes utilizing magnetic flux fields, on ropes ranging in diameter from 6mm to 42mm (0.23” to 1.65”).


This service we offer allows us to internally inspect wire ropes, such as; hoisting lines, crane lines, drilling lines and towing lines, which can save you, our client money when changing out ropes periodically. We can examine the rope externally and now internally and assess its condition and advise if it is still fit for service thereby saving you money on the purchase of new and often unnecessary wire rope reels.


We feel this service is a cost effective option & at the same time able to prevent possible catastrophic scenarios as a result of wire rope failure, reducing risk to personnel and company assets.


Wire rope, can be the blind point of safety management, and is always a concern during hoisting operations. Once wire breakage occurs, the result is extremely serious. Visual inspection can only find external flaws of wire rope, while nonvisible internal flaws, such as wire breakage, corrosion, and especially fatigue, are more dangerous.




Problems found in Wire Rope Use/Inspection:


  • Unsafe: Wire breakage related accidents caused by strength loss are always evident in the use of wire ropes. According to survey conducted by USA authority organization, 12% in-service wire ropes in 8,000 wire rope laboratories and application sites are in an extremely dangerous situation.
  • Expense: Regular replacement of wire ropes can be a very costly exercise. The statistics found in the USA indicate that 70% of those compulsively replaced wire ropes have slight defects or little strength loss, at the time of inspection.
  • Inefficient: Traditional visual inspection method can take a long time and be labour intensive, and often prove inefficient.
  • Unreliable: Manual inspection is not reliable and many hidden dangers will remain undetected.
  • Catastrophic Consequences: Serious wire breakage accidents inevitably cause serious damage. Every year wire rope failures happen in different industries all over the world of which our industry is not immune from. Those accidents can result in damage to company assets and loss of life.



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