Periodic Class Surveys

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IACS Periodic Class Surveys


The IACS Periodic Survey is a five yearly classification requirement, Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. is approved by the major classification societies (IACS), to carry out this work in line with the relevant requirements.

Our experienced & qualified dedicated inspection teams can attend your vessel / or MODU during this 5 year period in line with the periodic requirements or on an ad-hoc basis to complete the class certification requirements.

The main focus areas of the work scope for these periodic surveys are as follows, (but not limited to);


  • Structural Survey
  • UWILD – Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking


Examples of our structural survey NDT report locater drawings are shown on this page, for your reference.


Our teams of technicians and operators have the experience in executing these surveys; safely, promptly, efficiently and most importantly in line with class requirements allowing your operations to continue unhindered.


The disciplines of N.D.T. that we will mainly utilize during these surveys are (but not limited to):


  • UTG – Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • Eddy Current
  • MPI – Magnetic Particle Inspection



Through careful examination with these disciplines we will satisfy any / and all class requirements, we will be able to detect defects in the examined area, and report in line with the IACS requirements.


Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. have operated in the Asia Pacific regions since 1995, with an exemplary safety record so you can be assured that our teams will carry out these surveys safely and professionally.

The Structural Survey part of the NDT inspection will encompass:


  • Hull Gauging
  • Tank Gauging
  • Deck Gauging
  • Leg Wells
  • Tow Gear Inspection
  • Helideck Connections
  • Substructure
  • And any other areas/items as required by class


The UWILD will encompass:


  • Underwater Visual examination & NDT in line with the class requirements and dependant on which SPS is being carried out
  • Topside Visual examination & NDT in line with the class requirements and dependant on which periodical survey is being carried out
  • And any other areas/items as required by class

Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. will assist with the planning and discussions with the IACS governing bodies, prior to commencement of the survey and throughout till completion, furnishing attending surveyors with reports on an on-going basis, to allow up to the minute assessment and planning.


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