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Load Testing


At Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. We have successfully completed

many heavy lift proof load tests, for our clients both onshore & offshore throughout the region.


We have the capabilities to carry out a full range of proof load testing utilizing water bags, both offshore & onshore, for loads up to 250.0 Metric Ton, our company has carried out this service witnessed by class authorities (IACS) to satisfy their requirements.




Our technicians are skilled and experienced, bringing a level of safety and expertise to the job.



We have safely, efficiently and accurately, carried out lifeboat load tests, for our clients whilst on location, and in shipyards throughout the region.

We utilize “sausage bag” water weights (as displayed in the picture) these are installed inside your enclosed lifeboats.


Reducing risk to personnel and the structure of the craft, whilst keeping your unit in line with all; class, regional government and international governing bodies.

Our skilled technicians have years of experience, so you can be assured that this procedure will be completed safely and without incident.

We are happy to assist you with this task, at any time, where ever you are.

Our precise and specifically designed load testing equipment is conformant to all recognised standards.  The load cells that we utilize are professionally maintained, certified & designed to be fit for purpose to ensure that when carrying out load testing work, it will be inline in with the recognised standards and to your requirements, with little disruption to your on-going operations.

At Core-IRM we call upon our decades of experience to ensure proof loading is executed in the SAFEST way possible, for all personnel involved and the equipment involved.

We have an excellent track record, of ZERO accidents, or incidents & safety is always our primary concern.






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