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The use of ultrasonic thickness gauging (UTG) to check material thickness
and measurement is now regularly utilized in all areas of industry.

The ability to gauge material thickness without requiring access to both sides of the piece is a major advantage of this technology




Our equipment (as shown to the right) can be utilized under water with the aid of divers & calibrated and set to the known

compressional sound velocity which allows measurement of a wide selection of materials.


We at Core-IRM are experienced in the practical and reporting requirements using skilled operators, who ensure accurate measurements taken are assessed to provide comprehensive reports. These reports allow our clients, at a glance, the ability to ensure the material under test is fit for service or otherwise. We can also when carrying out these surveys, provide material lists to reflect material required to repair rejected to the required standard. This allows the client to be proactive in mitigating any failure that may impact on personnel, assets or environment

Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. Have been operating in the Asia Pacific region since 1995. In this time we have carried out many surveys for class authorities.

It is this experience and expertise we offer to our clients for use on their facilities.


We are certified by internationally recognised Class Societies and personnel training both external and in house is perpetual to ensure our team continue to supply accurate information both onsite and incompliance with the reporting format you require.



Subsea UTG – Structural


Our subsea inspection teams are capable of carrying out ultrasonic thickness gauging on structural areas/items, in line with the relevant governing bodies requirements and supply reports complete with full and accurate diminution reports/tables.


Our team can assist during Special Periodic Surveys (SPS) or on an ad hoc basis, e.g. after a repair or as a result of an incident.



Subsea UTG – Pipework


Our subsea inspection teams are capable of carrying out UTG on pipework, in line with the relevant governing bodies and industry standard requirements and supply reports assessing the fit for use status of your pipework and where applicable any associated items. We can carry out the periodic inspections of your equipment and also attend on an ad hoc call out basis as and when you may require.


Our team of skilled operators are able to inspect your equipment in line with your relevant requirements and provide you with information on site at the time of inspection to allow on the spot assessment and give you the ability to plan any further requirement immediately. We will work with you and assist both onsite and remotely by proactively planning periodic surveys to mitigate any equipment failures.



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