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A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure built within, or in pairs across, a body of water and constructed to allow the enclosed area to be pumped dry, creating a dry work environment for the scope of work to proceed, below the water line.


Enclosed cofferdams are commonly used for construction and repair of; oil platforms, MODU’s, bridges, piers and other supporting structures built within or over water. These cofferdams are usually welded steel structures.


Cofferdams can also be used in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, when it may not be practical to put a vessel in dry-dock for repairs and/or alteration.


Our team at Core-IRM, have extensive knowledge & experience in this field and are able to provide solutions for our clients, creating peace of mind and producing quality workmanship, in a safe and efficient manner.


Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. Have been operating in the Asia Pacific region since 1995. In this time we have carried out multiple cofferdam projects, in wide and diverse range of scenarios.


It is this experience and expertise we offer to our clients for use on their facilities.


Some Of The Challenges We Have Encountered:

  • Making a watertight seal along the edges
  • Shaping the cofferdam to fit the side of the ship/structure
  • Preventing the cofferdam from floating away when drained
  • Adding ballast, as required
  • Safety & Solidity. – For both personnel and the assets
  • Creating sufficient working area, within a confined space

Every cofferdam is unique and requires thorough analysis.  The design must take into account a large number of parameters; the design must be compatible with weather conditions, waves, currents, construction equipment, construction methods, internal permanent structures, where applicable ground conditions and must provide a safe, dry work environment.



Through our understanding of this our highly skilled team of in-house engineers and fabricators, can work alongside your team, or in a standalone capacity, as per your requirements, to ensure we deliver the best results.


Our environmentally safe and accepted custom designed systems are able to contain any and all pollution that may come from the repair process: marine growth, grit from grit blasting, overspray, dust, welding aspects & surface coatings, etc…






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