Installation and Maintainance

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Electrical Installation & Maintainance

Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. provides our clients with a wide range of electrical installation and maintenance services to cover most offshore installation and commissioning scopes of work.


We provide qualified and experienced electrical   personnel that are able to support your operations and assist with the installation of new electrical components such as (but not limited to);



  • Cable Termination and Testing
  • Cable Ladder/Cable trays
  • Lighting system
  • Junction boxes
  • Drilling equipment
  • PAGA system
  • Telecom system
  • Fire system



We also provide all cable test check sheet after every installation of cable and equipment to our client, with all IR & Continuity report data sheets, complete with EC/MC check sheets, to prove all cables and installed items are compliant with installation standards, practices & procedures.


Electrical upgrade and refurbishment is at the core of our business activities for both drilling contractors and operators. Onshore or offshore we are constantly undertaking upgrade projects for our customers worldwide. We provide construction crews to carry out the installation phase of a project, quickly, efficiently and safely on a variety of modules including (but not limited to);


  • Static derricks (jack ups and platforms)
  • Dynamic derricks
  • Dual derricks
  • Offset derricks
  • Cantilever masts and substructures
  • Folding masts
  • Telescoping masts
  • Bootstrap masts


Electrical Maintenance


Our team of experienced and qualified personnel can work alongside your crew or independently, whichever suits your needs, we will work safely, and in line with your internal requirements, with as minimal disruption to your on-going operations.

As mentioned these activities can also be supplemented by qualified personnel capable of carrying out Infra-Red Thermography (IRT) & EX hazardous area surveys, this ensures, we provide a comprehensive service.


Electrical Installation

When our skilled team of technicians, undertake a job installing electrical components & systems, we approach the task with the highest regard for safety from start to finish, it is because of this attitude to safety and our professionally executed jobs, that we retain a long list of satisfied clients and repeat customers, we are also able to supplement our activities with IRT and EX surveys as mentioned above, with increases the life of the electrical components and reduces risk to personnel and company assets.


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