Repair & Maintenance

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CORE-IRM offers Engineering, Repair & Maintenance services for offshore / onshore related projects & developments where CORE-IRM performs preliminary surveys and develops engineering solutions in conjunction with the Client and/or Class and also undertakes prefabrication and installation services.

By combining Engineering services with fabrication and installation, CORE-IRM Pte Ltd offers Clients a complete turn-key project services, utilizing skilled & technically diverse team of project managers, engineers, technicians and trade labor, who are working in cost effective and safely manner.

Based on a small multi-disciplined team, CORE-IRM also provides services on locations, enable Client to continue with daily operations and cost effective services. This service allows clients’ the opportunity to mobilize one contractor who can supply qualified & experienced engineering, fabrication and inspection personnel in one multi-disciplined team. The team can also be rope access qualified allowing access to difficult sites without the need for scaffolding.

Project management

CORE-IRM offers management of various offshore / onshore projects where we put our focus on disciplines like planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals within time, quality and budget.

  • Turn-key project
  • Oil rig’s documentation (offshore platform) – maintenance and organization
  • Project engineering for oil rigs (offshore platform) – SY projects
  • Project engineering for cold and warm stacking of oil rigs (offshore platform)
    • Surveys (Steel and piping assessment) and Consulting
  • QA/QC documentation package

Engineering design & analysis

CORE-IRM perform preliminary surveys and develop engineering solutions in conjunction with our Clients, as per their requirements and/or in line with (IACS) class authorities and governing bodies, depending on the individual job and the specific requirements.

  • Structural design (Strength analysis of structures – FEM and classic approach)
  • Piping system design
  • Cofferdam design
  • Ship structural design
  • Ship hatch covers design
  • Structural reinforcements determination and design (generally for ships, oil rigs – thin wall structures)
  • Ship structural conversion and redesign according to some new requirements
  • Naval conceptual design (idea)
  • Welds and installation of structures – at design level, means determination and calculation of welds strength, installation process
  • CAD design (parametric)

Repair & Maintenance

Fabrication works

By combining CORE-IRM’s offshore experience with our Singapore based workshop, we are able to offer a complete Repair & Maintenance service to include general steelwork replacement, pre-fabrication and installation of low pressure & high pressure pipelines, Jack-up leg and spud can repairs, various installation projects.

This complete service package allows you the opportunity to mobilize one contractor who can supply qualified and experienced 6GR coded welders, pipe fitters & Fabricators, heat treatment and non-destructive testing services in one multi-discipline team.

Derrick structural modifications / repairs / assembly

CORE-IRM offers turn-key derrick erection covering, structural, mechanical, piping and electrical outfitting and commissioning services. In addition to erecting and outfitting of new builds CORE-IRM can offer cost effective solutions to repair and maintenance activities of existing derrick structures. These activities are achieved using a combination of trades suitably experienced and qualified in rope access, who are able to undertake steelwork erection and installation of all ancillary fittings such as:

  • Pipe work
  • Top Drive and sheaves
  • Lights
  • Ladders
  • Cable Trays
  • Electrical services
  • Wind walls
  • Walkways etc.



Cofferdam services – in water repairs (dry welding)

CORE-IRM have established a specialist engineering niche for cofferdam design, fabrication, installation and execution of works as a direct development and support service to Offshore Vessel Operators. Cofferdams are frequently required to execute weld repairs to rig and vessel hulls where wet welding techniques cannot to be used, or dry-docking facilities are not readily available.

Cofferdam Services range includes:

  • Design engineering services
  • Kort-nozzle propeller maintenance
  • Propeller shaft seal change outs
  • Hydrophone  maintenance
  • Hull Repairs – dry welding
  • Sea chest Maintenance
  • Steelwork Replacement
  • Anode replacement (sacrificial anodes)
  • Anode replacement (impresses current)

Ultra high pressure water blasting

CORE-IRM undertakes Ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting and Rope Access Ultra high pressure water blasting services. UHP can be done from 24,000 psi up to 40,000 psi. The combination of Rope Access and UHP blasting offers an increased efficiency and cost saving over traditional methods where complete or spot (localized) blasting is required, and where scaffolding is not accessible or cost effective.

UHP and Rope UHP water blasting can be used for:

  • Derricks
  • Under deck areas
  • Ship structures
  • Crane booms
  • Offshore platforms

Painting (airless spray and brush application)

CORE-IRM provides painting services, either by traditional brush application and/or airless spray system, utilizing rope access for restricted areas. Airless spray is designed to cover large surfaces quickly so it has advantage in relation to brush application for reducing cost and time.

The advantages of airless spray are:

  • The coating is able to penetrate better into the surface
  • A uniform thick coating is produced, reducing the number of coats required
  • A very “wet” coating is applied, ensuring good adhesion and flow-out
  • Cover large surfaces fast
  • Faster than brush or roller
  • No need for air compressor
  • Most coatings can be sprayed with very little thinner added, thereby reducing the drying time and decreasing the amount of solvent released to the atmosphere

Rigging & lifting

CORE-IRM provides Rigging & Lifting work in both the Onshore and Offshore oil and gas industry.  With a full understanding of all lifting and rigging regulations including L.O.L.E.R. and P.U.W.E.R, we can offer our Clients a wide range of Rigging & Lifting services.  We are also a full member of L.E.E.A. (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) with many of our personnel qualified under different L.E.E.A categories.

Fabrication & General Steelwork

Electrical Installation and Maintainance

Engineering Services & Project Management

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