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Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking (U.W.I.L.D.’s)

With the increasing concern for the integrity of aging Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (M.O.D.U.’s), oil related transport, production and storage vessels, fixed offshore installations, this in conjunction with a greater need to compile reliable sub-sea condition assessments to meet ever increasing safety & reliability legislation, Core-IRM has an established underwater inspection service department to provide clients with professional inspection below the waterline. Sub-sea services provided to the Offshore Industry by Core-IRM include:

  • UWILD (Underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking)
  • NDT (Non-destrctive testing) -
Magnetic particle inspection, Eddy current,
Cathodic protection readings, ultrasonic thickness readings,
Alternating current field measurement
  • Coffer dam installation
  • Close visual inspections, closed circuit television recordings and still photography
  • SBM maintenance
  • Hull cleaning & repair
  • Splash zone and boat landing repair
  • Grouting
  • High pressure water blasting
  • Underwater welding & cutting
  • Light salvage
  • Airlifting, search & recovery
  • Propeller polishing & cleaning

Core-IRM own and operate two inspection class ROVs. The inspection class ROV’s unique feature is a view port that allows the internally mounted camera to tilt and view through 360 degrees. This combination, of camera movement and vehicle maneuverability, provides the ideal remote controlled sub-sea video inspection package.


UWILD (Underwater Inpection In Lieu Of Dry-Docking)

Subsea CP & MPI


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