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This section explores the possiblities that you can experience with CORE-IRM.

Specialist surveys provided to the Offshore Industry by Core-IRM include:

  • Hoisting and lifting surveys
  • DROPS inspection
  • Database management system
  • Special periodical surveys (SPS)
  • Derrick inspection (API RP 4G)
  • Load testing
  • Gauge and relief valve test and calibration
  • Pressure vessel inspection
  • Rope access services and netting solutions
  • Wire rope inspection
  • Infrared thermography inspection
  • Inspection of Ex-equipment
  • Commissioning of electrical equipment
  • Noise monitoring
  • Concrete inspection
  • Coating surveys

Hoisting & Lifting Surveys

DROPS inspection

IACS Periodic Class Surveys

Load Testing

Pressure Relief Valves & Pressure Gauges

Rope Access Services

Magnetic Wire rope inspection

Cofferdam Projects

Ex Compex Inspection Survey

IRT – Infra Red Thermography Surveys

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