(IRM) Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

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Derrick (IRM) Inspection, Repair & Maintenance


Core-IRM Pte. Ltd. Are an established IRM company, that have been operating in the SE Asia Pacific region since 1995, we have an

impressive safety record and operate under the strictest guidelines with regards to personnel and equipment safety. Our Skilled and

highly experienced technicians are capable of performing the tasks listed on this information sheet, in line with all requirements and

often surpassing expectations.



Derrick/Mast & Substructure Inspection Categories

We have a proven track record of competently, completing all categories of API RP 4G inspection, these include;

  • Cat I – Visual observation of the derrick/mast & substructure.
  • Cat II – Category I inspection, plus a more thorough inspection of (but not limited to) the load bearing areas & sheaves, checking for; cracks, damage, corrosion, loose or missing components.
  • Cat III – Category II inspection, plus a thorough visual examination of the mast/derrick & substructure, this type of survey is documented on an approved check list and signed, this checklist will be supplied in our final report and should be retained onsite.
  • Cat IV – Category III inspection, plus some equipment is required to be disassembled and cleaned to the extent that is required to carry out NDT of the critical areas.


Derrick/Mast & Substructure Inspections


We are able to conduct full and comprehensive derrick inspection surveys in line with API RP 4G, our dedicated & experienced inspection team are qualified inline API RP 4G –Section 4.2 requirements.


We will work with your team, and will resolve any & all issues that we find during the comprehensive survey in so far as practical. This attitude has resulted in a large number of very satisfied and repeat clients over the years





Derrick/Mast Bolt Inspection & Torque


Our dedicated and experienced team of technicians, have successfully completed numerous bolt inspection surveys & bolt torque jobs over the years, we utilize approved and recognized methods with the relevant and required tools to complete this task safely and efficiently.


We work in line with the applicable international standards and our clients own requirements, and with our strict approach to safety and training, is reflected by our list of many satisfied clients and large number of repeat customers.


We hope to bring this same level of expertise to your installation.


Derrick/Mast & Substructure Repair Work


If and when our technicians or your personnel, during routine checks, find defective items or members in the derrick/mast or substructure, we can supply engineering and qualified personnel, to carry out the remedial work in line with the relevant IACS requirements and your own internal needs, with as minimal disruption to your operation as possible.


Derrick/Mast & Substructure Maintenance Work


Our dedicated team of personnel are capable of working  with your team and in line with your internal requirements, and as applicable the periodic maintenance routine to complete any maintenance task you should require, covering items such as (but not limited to);

  • Blasting & Painting
  • Electrical Component Maintenance & installation
  • Pipe Line Repair/Replacement
  • Cleaning Inaccessible Areas
  • General Welding
  • Rope Access Work

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