Drops Here are the list of Specialist Services provided by Core-IRM: Hoisting and lifting surveys, DROPS Inspection, Database management system, Special periodical surveys (SPS), Derrick inspections (API RP 4G), Load testing, Gauge and relief valve test and calibration, Pressure vessel inspection, Rope access services and netting solutions, Wire rope inspection, Infrared thermography inspection, Inspection of Ex-equipment, Commissioning of electrical equipment, Noise monitoring, Concrete inspection, Coating survey. Core - IRM has recognized the need for retention of information between surveys, and… More Info
uwild4 Here are the list of Subsea Services provided by Core-IRM: Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Docking (U.W.I.L.D.'s) With the increasing concern for the integrity of aging Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (M.O.D.U.'s), Oil related transport, production and storage vessels, fixed offshore installations, this in conjunction with a greater need to compile reliable sub-sea condition assessments to meet ever increasing safety & reliability legislation,Core-IRM has an established underwater inspection service department to provide clients with professional inspection below the waterline. Sub-sea… More Info
Repair & Maintenance
VM_Concetration_Bottom Here are the list of Engineering, Repair & Maintenance provided by Core-IRM: Core-IRM offers Engineering & Design services primarily for offshore related projects where Core-IRM can perform preliminary surveys and develop engineering solutions in conjunction with the Client and also undertake the pre-fabrication and installation services. On the completion of the project the full QA/QC documentation package will be issued to the client. Services associated with Design Engineering & Fabrication include: Jack up leg surveys & repairs Pipe work replacement Derrick Structural modifications… More Info
NDT Here are the list of Inspection Services provided by Core-IRM: Dropped objects in the oil & gas industry have resulted in need to undertake DROPS Surveys to ensure the integrity of equipment attachment to all areas of the structure under operating parameters. Core-IRM have been involved in the development of registering all items located in the derrick structure and remedial actions since inception and have developed online database reporting to allow clients the ability to monitor their equipment. Core-IRM… More Info
Performance Assured